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About St Finn Barr's

St. Finn Barr’s School was established in 1894 by the Presentation Sisters as a Parish School. The Sisters established a proud tradition of excellence in education and service to members of the community, in a spirit of love, respect and compassion based on the Gospel values.  This tradition is actively carried on today.


The Sisters maintained a presence in the school until the first lay Principal was appointed in 1993. The current Principal, Mrs Liz Illingworth, was appointed for 2017.


In 2004 and 2010 St Finn Barr’s underwent significant building programs which have transformed the buildings, learning environments and grounds. Children attending St Finn Barr’s now have access to excellent teaching and learning facilities and playgrounds within our school. 


St Finn Barr’s is a Catholic Education Office Systemic School and provides education for Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. We focus on developing the whole person with clear values, problem solving skills, the ability to work in a group and effective communication skills. The School is working with the Australian Curriculum Documents to shape the learning experiences we provide students. The teaching staff are committed to improving the educational outcomes achieved by all children at our school. Spiritual and Faith Development is stimulated through explicit and implicit experiences. The Good News Curriculum document is used in developing children’s understanding of the Catholic Faith. This includes parental support in the preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation.


We provide specialist programs in Music, Art Drama and Physical Education with a daily fitness program and an annual 8-day swimming program.  ICT is an important tool that allows children to fully explore the Australian Curriculum and develop the skills and understanding to function in a computer literate world. Currently most Grades have one laptop per two students and each classroom has approximately 8-10 iPads. Our grade 3-6 classes operate on a 1:1 iPad Program. 


We are a School Wide Positive Behaviour School with the mantra: 

“We are a community of Safe, Respectful, Resilient Learners.”

Our focus is developing a culture where all members of our community are respected, valued and allowed to fully develop in a behaviourally supportive environment which has the foundation of positive relationships at its core.


Well being is a constant focus within our school.  In 2019, we have a  Student Support Wellbeing Teacher 2 days per week, a Counsellor 3 days a fortnight and  we have access to a School Chaplain 2 days per week. Across the school and within each classroom there is a strong focus on Making Jesus Real (MJR), My TERN (Taking Emotional Responsibility Now), Circle Time and Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS).


At St Finn Barr’s, we also run The Inside Out 4 kids which is a weekly support group for children who have experienced grief in their families. This may be due to death, separation / divorce of parents, or other painful loss. 


A  group comprises children of similar age, who have experienced loss, offering peer support to each other with the guidance of a trained adult facilitator.


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