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School Focus

A major focus in the learning domain has been as a Literacy Project School over the past 2 years.


In 2016 St Finn Barr’s made major changes to the structure of reading groups and invested considerable time and expertise into ensuring all students were being adequately catered for around their reading needs.  Having a Literacy Key teacher and through the use of Teacher Assistants, classroom teachers are supported in reducing the range of reading levels they are presenting to and also the size of the groups they are managing.


2016 same dramatic increases in the reading levels of students across the school.


In 2017, the focus of the school will remain with the reading groups and Oral Language development will be added to become the second major focus in improving Literacy outcomes for all students.  


The aim of all projects undertaken are to continually improve the quality of education being offered to our students so that each individual student can achieve their full potential and beyond this in all learning areas. 


St Finn Barr’s is a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) school with a focus on improving the frequency of positive interactions between all members of our school community. Over the last years the SWPBS team have been working on developing the culture and supports to improve the frequency of positive interactions between teachers and students and most importantly, students and their peers. Our school mantra, which was developed through a long consultation process, is:


Our two Kindergarten groups attend school for 3 full days each with Thursday being a shared day.  We are continuing to work to establish a play-based program in Kindergarten.  The current playground is suited to this style of teaching and we are planning to further develop some more aspects of this space during 2017.

Our school community is diverse and this adds greatly to the richness to our school's life. St Finn Barr’s has a multi-grade structure with the following classes; Kindergarten (x2), Prep (x2), Gr 1 and Gr 2 (x3), Gr 3 and 4 (x3) and Gr 5 and 6 (x3). Each of the Collaborative Teaching Teams (CTT) plan together so that the students in each class are taught the same curriculum across the school year at the same time. 

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